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Get rid of hair loss and hair loss problems with your own stem cells.

The FUE method will give your hair a natural appearance…

A detailed examination is required before hair transplantation. Before the decision on Hair transplantation, our doctors and experts make sure of the patient’s general health, such as genetics, blood analysis, and detailed question about hair loss. After the diagnosis is made, the operation procedure is explained. Information about postoperative treatment is given. The consultation before hair transplantation is very important.

10 questions to ask at your first hair transplant

Am I a becoming a candidate for hair transplant surgery?
The first thing that your surgeon will assess is if you are a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery. Suitability is based upon several factors, including age, pre-existing health conditions, and your hair itself. Even if you are not suitable for surgery, your surgeon may be able to recommend alternative therapies to help regain or slow the loss of your hair.

What qualifications does my surgeon have?
It is incredibly essential to ensure your hair transplant surgeon has the relevant training, qualifications, and experience to make your surgery safe and successful.

What do I need to do before my surgery?
Depending on the type of surgery you opt for, you may have to undertake some preoperative preparation. This could include not using hair products in the days before your surgery, or using specialist hair care treatments as advised by your surgeon.

What will the surgery be like?
Depending on the size of the area being treated, your FUE hair transplant may take anywhere from a few hours, two sessions spanning a couple of days. It’s essential to get an idea of how long the operation will take so you can take time away from work and other responsibilities. You may also want to ask how pain will be managed, how many people will be in the room, and how the transplant is carried out.

How much recovery time is needed?
Recovery time for an FUE hair transplant is generally around two weeks, during which time your transplants will scab over and fall out. During this recovery period, you’ll need to follow guidelines from your surgeon about exercise, hair products, and sleeping positions to give your hair transplant the best chance of healing correctly. Your surgeon will be able to tell you more and advise you on anything specific to your case.

Can I see any patient testimonials?
Patient testimonials and before and after pictures are a great way to get a feel of how other patients have found their hair transplant experience. Having multiple, positive reviews is a good sign that your surgeon is skilled and has many happy patients. Take a look at our patient testimonials for further information.

Is an FUE or FUT transplant more suitable for me?
There are two types of hair transplant – the more modern FUE, where individual hair follicles are removed and transplanted, and FUT, where a strip of hair is removed and transplanted.

Generally, FUE is the preferred option for a hair transplant as it reduces scarring and recovery time, but it is worth conducting your research to find out which method you would prefer. The questions to ask FUE doctors will be the same as for a FUT doctor, but the answers may differ depending on what surgery type you choose.

How long will it take to see the results of my transplant?
The results of a hair transplant are not instant, and it may take many months before your transplanted hair begins to grow. It is important to make sure that your expectations are managed, so be sure to ask your surgeon about how your hair will grow following surgery.

Will I need a second hair transplant?
Due to the normal thinning of existing hair, you may require further hair transplants in the future. Your surgeon will be able to provide extra information on that and discuss potential treatments to slow or prevent hair loss in the future.

How much does a hair transplant cost?
At your first consultation, once your surgeon has been able to take a look at your hair, you’ll be able to get a quote for your surgery. Make sure to ask about any finance options that may be available to you, and when payment will be due.

If you’re considering getting a hair transplant in 2019, why not get in touch to find out more about how Adem Havva Clinic can support you. Get in touch to book your consultation today!

The whole Service was good.

The whole Service was good. The customer care was also very good. Big thanks to the whole Staff. Everyone was really nice, friendly and courteous.
Kindly Regards

Ivan Drobny – Russia

Hair Transplantation

Service at their best

First of all, I would like to thank all the staffs for their wonderful hospitality and I was extremely pleased by their skills and care.
I would like to rate their service excellent and would recommend the service at their best.

Daniel Ndah – Israel

Hair Transplantation

Really Satisfied!

I want to say that for me it was a highlight how the whole Staff from the clinic treated me. About the operation, I must say that I am satisfied, really satisfied with.

Augustin González Cruces – Spain

Hair Transplant

My experience was very good here

My experience was very good here. Mr. Ahmed and Mr. Mali are first persons to meet me here. There behavior is very nice and sweet with me. I am happy to meet them. Doctor and other specialists treated me very nicely and professionally. I would like to come here again and send more persons. I am %100 satisfied here, treatment and service and everything…

Nadeem Abbas KHAN

Germany – Hair Transplantation


Honestly, I got a great care from the whole team and especially Madame Safiye and the medical assistant Liam, and I thank everyone for being such a great support.

Abraham Jacobus Stander – United States of America

Hair Transplantation

Happy for the professionalism

I’m am very happy for the professionalism received in this clinic. I am returned this year for the second treatment of hair transplantation that i had started last year. I found an even better situation than last year with an even more professional team. The surgeon who has operated this year has been exceptional, managing to implant 3900 bulbs whit a perfect arrangement of the same. Very comfortable the hotel that they have reserved for me, as well as the transfer service to the airport. Thank you for giving me a professional and at the same time friendly treatment, and a thank you to Caroline who helped me with the Italian language.

Geremia Formicola – Italy

Hair Transplantation



Idan Ytzhaki – Israel

Hair Transplantation

Great Service


Naessens Sandy Etienne – Belgium

Hair Transplantation

Great Job!

The service was amazing and the whole team deserves a lot of respect.

Charles Rettinghaus – Germany

Hair Transplantation

100% Recommended

The friendliness of the staff is highly credible. I didn´t have to sit or wait for a long time. I see everything very positive. For my decision to come it was very important that Carolina was informing me about everything, supported me the whole time and this gave me the motivation to come. The driver was also very friendly and gentle. I liked also that Ms Safyie knows what she does, she was tough and made good work. I am really satisfied. At last but bot not least I have to say Carolina took more care of me that has to. That was really courteous. She took also care about my problems with the airline and my baggage and went with me to the supermarket.

Anna Sauermilch – Germany

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hair transplant before after
hair transplant before after
hair transplant before after
hair transplant before after
hair transplant before after

Ö.Safiye KURT – Madame Safiye

Ö. Safiye KURT – Madame Safiye
is a member of EHRS (European Society of Hair Restoration) and was issued the first certificate in Turkey by this union.

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